Today, a freight imposed increasingly stringent requirements. This efficiency of cargo delivery, cargo safety, report the location of the cargo on its way to transportation and, of course, the optimal ratio price-to-time. Form of transport, the most satisfying these stringent requirements are multi-modal transport. Multimodal transport of goods – it's domestic and international travel using at least several types of transport under a single shipping document with their trans-shipment from one mode to another without the involvement of the cargo. Types of transport used may be combined in various combinations: rail, road, sea and air. Can not do without in multimodal transportation of goods when necessary to carry out international carriage of goods over long distances. In countries with advanced economies, the development of this mode of transport is a priority, and as a consequence of the annual growth of multimodal transport of goods is around five percent. Of course, the system of multi-modal transport is a more complex version in terms of commercial, legal, financial, economic, organizational and technical issues of transport infrastructure.

But at the same time multi-modal freight have several advantages that distinguish them from other modes of transport, among them the rational use of transport capacity of the company, economical energy expenditure, reducing the time required to transportation of cargo, improved reliability and security. Multimodal transport of goods can significantly reduce transportation costs. selecting the optimal method of delivery. The effectiveness of multimodal transport depends on the literacy of choosing the optimal mode of delivery. Transportation of cargo can be carried out by a set of combinations of transport. The cost of transportation depends on the number of modes, which will be transported cargo. The longer the transport chain, the greater will be the time of delivery, but the price is much lower. Conversely, the smaller modes of transport, the faster and more expensive to transport cargo. Therefore, it is important to carefully compare the required delivery time and cost. And only then can compile the most successful combination of transport modes for the multimodal transport of goods.