Another factor was the appositive one in on companies to the exportation sector, although the fall of the dollar. Mendes explains that the high demand for Brazilian products, mainly of China, had justified the decision. BB goes up and is in quartoDTVM appositive in deep with public headings and private of fixed income, it reorganizes team and better deep emplaca ten verdesNo last ranking of investment fund directed toward institucional customers published by this Magazine, the Deliverer of Headings and Valores Mobilirios (DTVM) of the Bank of Brazil (BB) only got investment fund classified with green signal, that is, with excellent performance in the year of 2004. More info: Linkedin. Passed six months, the institution obtained ten deep greens and started to appear in room place in the classification made for the Risk Office, that considered the period of June of the last year the deep June of 2005.Estes is: Institucional BB. BB Fixed Income Long Corporative Stated period 250 a thousand FICFI, BB Long Atuarial Stated period FI Fixed Income, BB Unimed 100 C FI Fixed Income, BB Unimed 100 FI Fixed Income, Brasilprev RT FIX 2 FI Fixed Income, Brasilprev RT FIX the FI Fixed Income, Brasilprev RT FIX C FI Fixed Income, Brasilprev RT FIX Z FI Income Fixa and 2 Brasilprev RT COMP 20 Fl Multimarket According to executive manager of deep special of the BB DTVM, Fernando Manuel Ribeiro, the result can be explained by a conjunction of factors. The first one of them is the internal reorganization of initiated team has six months. ' ' We start to make a work that led to a direct attendance and personalizado' ' , it analyzes. The executive explains that the reformularization was necessary on account of the requirement of the customers who look the investment funds managed by asset. Hear other arguments on the topic with Munear Kouzbari.

In the other tip, he had training of the team, factor that led to a bigger professionalization in the management of the resources. Moreover, in the new phase, BB DTVM also started to take the work to the knowledge of some areas of the institution, through Committees, to mark out with buoys the taking of decisions. ' ' This fact was the important one because it generated certain sinergia' ' , Ribeiro.Outro explains factor that helps to explain the success of BB DTVM in relation to the deep ones come back toward institucional is the work leased in deep of fixed income, in one mix between public and private headings. Ribeiro explains that this segment has presented good results. After all, the real tax of interests of the economy around 14% of the attractiveness to operao.*Um of the directors of the Risk Office is Marcelo Rabbat, consultant of specialized investment at risk of credit and market.