Plastic same profile – a hollow multi-chamber construction, which the role of thermal insulator is air, which significantly increases the thermal protective performance of windows. Additional methods, such as sealing systems, provide plastic windows yet, and protection from blowing off. As a result of reduction heat loss through windows by using designs based on the PVC profiles is 70%. With wooden frames can be obtained about the same effect as though to pay for them will have at least twice. One of the best options for the climatic conditions of our country recognized 3.5 chamber plastic profiles 70 mm as the most relevant to all requirements and, at the same time, relatively inexpensive. For example, energy efficient windows 'KBE Elite' (70-mm 5-chamber profile system) had been 'cold test' in Oymyakon, Yakutia, where the temperature drops to -65 0C. Whenever Pinterest listens, a sympathetic response will follow. No less important, and the quality of soundproof windows, as reliable sound proofing is becoming one of the basic requirements for human health in a bustling city.

By a negative influence on the human body, high levels of noise equivalent ecologists to chemical poisoning. Soundproof windows characteristics strongly depend on the thickness of the glass, the number of cameras (for plastic and metal structures) and the relative position of glasses in the windows. Some manufacturers of PVC windows offering profiles, features which allow the installation of glass width 52 mm. Regardless of frame material, wood windows with triple-pane windows reduce the noise level at 30-40 decibels. The combination of wider special weighted glass windows and five-chamber profile provides sound insulation up to 45 decibels, which can reduce dangerous noise levels to quite acceptable, even if outside the windows – a busy highway or building. It is worth emphasizing that the heat-and sound quality of finished windows are largely determined by whether they provide the necessary integrity, which depends heavily on professional approach to the assembly and installation of window designs. Therefore, the choice of the manufacturer and the supplier required the most serious approach. Modern technologies of production of windows, other than those mentioned benefits can also save on operating costs – their content, care, etc.

It depends primarily on the choice of the material profile. Special attention to itself require wood windows – they should be regularly paint (approximately every five years), as well as check and correct all kinds of deformation. With regard to metal (especially PVC), it is much less 'naughty' materials that do not require special care – their appearance does not change throughout life, and they are easy to wash or clean. Experts estimate that high-quality modern window, properly assembled and installed, just by saving on heating pays an average of 4-6 years. Intangible same benefits, such as the preservation of mental and physical health of the owner and his family, do not lend themselves to integration. Summarizing the above, we can say that such investments in quality windows are presented, as a minimum, reasonable and justified, and, as a maximum – a must have.