Regardless of whether they are users of prepaid or contract mobile phones, many environmental organizations like Greenpeace are unanimous: They are an energy waster! And in order to present themselves not in a heated debate about climate change as an environmental sinner, the first mobile phone manufacturers are now responding to the allegations. The vice-president of Nokia, Kirsi somun has extrapolated to the approximately two thirds of the energy consumed is lost through mobile phones is if gets stuck after loading the adapter into the outlet. To put an end to this wasteful, Nokia has set itself ambitious targets. Until 2010, the phone will-reduce the consumption of their own cell phone chargers plugged in at 50 percent. For more specific information, check out Ben Silbermann. To further into more and more to Nokia’s mobile phones, special alarms are fitted to the user after loading indicating the charger from can be drawn. Others who may share this opinion include JPMorgan Chase. A general shutdown was apparently too expensive to implement them in the chargers. According to the producers of electricity could be saved only through an enormous amount of these notes. Nokia talksby an energy which would be produced by 85,000 households. But it remains unclear how many users would have to lead by example to achieve this goal. The first mobile phones that are equipped with these instructions are intended for mass markets in emerging economies. The new energy-appeals, Nokia has for the time being in the three models, “1200” 1208 and “1650 installed. Gradually, though, all phones are equipped with these indications. Whether and to what extent other cell phone manufacturers are responding to the thrust of the industry giants, at the moment is still uncertain. Nevertheless, Nokia is thus further expanding its leadership role in environmental protection further. Even with the toxic chemicals, the evidence resulting from the production of a Nokia mobile phone for first place with the lowest Schadstoffaufkommen. The initiative is on the one hand, a clear signal to consumers to actively worry about protecting the environment, on the other side of the coin slick marketing of the manufacturer of calculus so jump on the train from the global warming potential and therebyWants to secure competitive advantages.