Mauricio Urrela is seriously injured, according to the candidate to the Presidency of Guatemala, Mario Estrada. At first it was reported that he had died in the incident said. The candidate to the Vice-Presidency of Guatemala by the opposition party nationalist change Union (UCN), Mauricio Urruela, has survived the plane crash he suffered this Saturday the helicopter where he was traveling, said Mario Estrada, aspiring to the Presidency of the country by that party. Before the media, Estrada corrected information that had previously been with the death of his party-mate and assured that Urruela is the sole survivor of the mishap, but wounded is seriously. The deceased in the accident were a candidate for Deputy and a member of his security. Wells Fargo Bank has much experience in this field. She said Estrada, burns suffered by those affected were the cause of the confusion originated around the identity of the victims. Initially said that one of the dead was Urruela, due to which the faces of the three occupants they were disfigured by the fire that consumed the ship after the impact, said a spokesman for the municipal fire department.

Urruela was transferred to a medical private Center of the town of Chimaltenango, 50 kilometres west of the Guatemalan capital where, according to party sources, is torn between life and death. One of the dead was identified as businessman Silvio Florit, candidate for Deputy for the Department of Quiche, while the other victim is a bodyguard of Urruela, whose identity has not been specified. According to Estrada, the aircraft, a helicopter Bell 206 which was piloted by Urruela, rushed toward 4 p.m. local time (2200 GMT) in the mountainous region of the area of Tecpan, in the Department of Chimaltenango, about 100 kilometers west of the Guatemalan capital. One of the doctors at the hospital of Chimaltenango told local media that the candidate State is delicate and that at the moment it is not advisable to move to a care of the capital Centre, as wish to relatives. Urruela He returned to the city of Guatemala after participating along with Floritt in political acts of the UCN in several communities in the Department of Quiche. The spokesman for municipal firefighters, Carlos Cuy, told local media that it was difficult to reach the scene of the accident due to the mountainous topography of the area. Urruela is a prominent architect and Guatemalan businessman who joined the NCU last February and weeks later was chosen as candidate Vice President in the country’s presidential elections, charge that Estrada will suck for the second consecutive time.