You decide you get into the world of internet. You create your web page with all the enthusiasm in the world. you have your image on the internet. As you’re not any company and don’t have your website on the label of your company nobody knows you, and the days pass and you have not visits. No one knows you, you’re invisible, is as if your website does not exist. What to do to improve the visibility of your website or blog? -First and foremost, create good content and well select the words that you want to find you, so that they are well integrated into the content of your website or blog. -Choose a good title, since it is both the letter of introduction to your site and the first thing that people see. According to the title, the people will decide if read the rest of the content or not.

-Don’t have spelling mistakes in the wording, since it’s quite uncomfortable to see a web only with misspellings and does not create habitualness in visits. -Websites and blogs related to the theme of your website, visit who can give you interesting ideas and see how things go. Apart from that, you can bind to the more important on your website, and you can ask for a link exchange. You will help you in the visibility of your website but also in the positioning. It calls for exchanges of links.

-Enters forums related to learn and pass signature with your website or blog without spam, always creating relevant content. It is to be a relationship of feedback and not to other users end up mosqueados with you. -Insert your website in directories in the relevant category. There are many directories that do not require a reciprocal link. -Advertise your website where you can, even if you want to in some local newspaper of free announcements or pamphlets on the street. It is important to be known. After doing all that, you’ve done a good job of marketing your website and invisible precisely won’t be.