Walter: We need to look beyond one’s own nose and talk to each other. Just so we can struggle to the best solutions.” Video jobs stories wrestled is also for the favor of specialists and managers. The costs for the recruitment of high potentials are so”in the last years steadily increased. Nevertheless or precisely why it is worth to enter also in the staff area of new land. “According to Uwe Berndt, Managing Director of”, combine, for example, video jobs compared with classic jobs-equal several advantages: videos are emotional, they tell stories, well you can distribute and are usually cheaper than you might think in the production.

” So a moving at all costs”advertisement for typically around 5,000 euros. Uwe Berndt: Thanks to the Internet is today within a distribution of video content “shortest time around the world possible.” Framed were deposits of the company Mohammad Theatre”the lectures. The three-piece ensemble made thoughtful in a fun way and put the essential aspects of an individual career planning this humorous scene. When professionals expectations and actual circumstances often divergent far”, theatre Chief Achim Weimer justified the choice of subject. The opulently equipped ballroom in the Castle Gleiberg made a worthy framework for in-depth discussions and stimulating discussions after the official program, before a well organised shuttle again safely brought guests to the starting point. All lectures presented and pictures for free day training can be downloaded under. Press contact: Uwe Berndt main view Agency for public relations of Rossdorfer Street: Nicole Darkow forward academy gmbh In the West Parkbetting mountain over the forward academy continuing education concepts in the transport and logistics industry are the specialty of the forward academy.

The coach of the company come from the industry and speak the language of their customers. With this expertise, developed the forward academy tailor-made courses for companies and also open seminars for individual training is offered. In addition, intensive training create an opportunity, the content of teaching effectively in real life”to deepen. In response to the shortage, Fit4Logistics gives”, the innovative training for teacher, in each training block in-depth expertise on a solid economic basis.