Companies of Success who Apply the Participativa Management Many organizations had obtained to arrive at the top, through the participation and valuation of the inestimable patrimony of its organizations, the intellectual capital of its internal customers. In the Herman Miller, industry of style furniture, already was perceived that the secret of the success this in the mind of each Schermerhorn employee (2007, P. 03) says:: ' ' our active greaters as company are dons, talentos and abilities of our collaborators – proprietors ' '. The direction of Xerox when it perceived that to continue in the market it would have that to change its form to work, then it placed somebody that had innovative vision, with respect to the collaborators. The chosen one for the position was Anne Mulcahy, that had as first measure to visit the collaborators in the whole world, it affirms. Schermerhorn (2007, P.

04) speaks that: ' ' the people need to feel themselves engaged, motivated and to feel that they are contributing for something importante' '. Microsoft is a company of great value in market according to Chiavenato (2008, P. 51) ' ' … the only real property assets of properties of Microsoft was the imagination of its trabalhadores' '. This sample that the secret of the success is not in the great financial investments, but to invest in adept people, who obtain to contribute with ideas and action for the growth of the organizations. In accordance with: Chiavenato (2008, P. 51): As the people constitute its main competitive advantage, the necessary company to invest in them, to develop them and to yield space to them for its talentos. The more it to make this, more will enrich its passports and will increase the potential mobility of the people. The companies are perceiving the importance of the human capital as a competitive differential that adds value and makes possible the increase of the competitiveness between the same ones.