tests fitness program some may consider it not possible, but there are actually people who do whatever it takes to take to: via muscle. A little swing the dumbbells in the living room, most of this is not enough. The news portal shows what standards offers a Fitness Studio. The editorial staff for health attended a classical test Studio: looking dangerous and highly technical devices are facing long, ceiling mirrors and large television screens. At the bar bubbling colourful fitness drinks and all addressed with given name. Before the personal fitness trainer can put together a detailed training plan, an inventory of the body to tune is made. A bio impedance scale and other devices measure all values which are crucial for the current fitness of the body. Abdomen-back programs, crunches followed by”until the ribs hurt, and more stamina and fitness exercises, while calling for the athletes, but not overwhelm. Quickly the first success is this: on the first day, a muscular corset is felt that keeps the upper body stable. Is important however, to pursue the training to achieve lasting results consistently and regularly.