As the pets age, the most prominent problem that they start facing is that of mobility. The senior start losing muscle mass making them wary of walking around their pets. Some senior pets might be afflicted with arthritis or even paralysis, making walking completely out of question. However, with more and more people considering their pets as family members do not like to leave them or abandon them in such conditions. Therefore, to help aid the mobility of senior pets, there are several options present in the market. Some of these mobility aids are as follows: Boots and shoes: The dogs suffering from sore paws or other paw related problems can be made to wear boots and shoes. They are especially helpful when the dogs need to be walked over rough surfaces or rugged terrains. The pets would take some time in adjusting to their new boots or shoes as they have been barefoot throughout their life.

However, once they learn to adjust with these boots, they would find them very comfortable Lifting harness: A lifting harness is one of the commonly used mobility aids, which provides support to the senior pets when they are unable to walk by themselves. Slings: Slings you are best suited for senior pets that are unstable or weak. Some slings simply wrap around the abdomen forming a loop while others can be more like a fitted garment around the legs. They are easy to fit around the dog, providing it support. Wheelchairs: They are best suited for pets afflicted with palsy or severe arthritis leaving them incapable of walking by themselves. Wheelchairs provide an opportunity for such pets to venture out and play with others. However they are an expensive proposition comparing other mobility aids for the senior pets.

Rehabilitation: This is not a mobility aid for pets, but it is a way to grant them mobility. With specialized rehabilitation sessions, senior pets are able to improve their muscle strength, flexibility of joints, endurance and overall fitness. The sessions carried out by the pet rehabilitation vets aim to make them exercise, jog or even swim so that their mobility improves over time. features dog food supplements, dog vitamins and various other products that help the pets stay healthy as they grow older. The company has also provided an online platform for pet owners and experts to discuss issues concerning the senior pets. For more information on Extra-Supportive Dog Wheelchair and Extra-Supportive Dog Wheelchair by K9 Carts, please visit SeniorPetProducts.