Meaning of financial capital in the international economy monetary resources of different banking institutions are used to promote and encourage various economic activities through cr in many different ways. The states rely on big loans to consolidate its external and domestic debt. Investment banks mobilized huge resources to the Stock Exchange, where the money is converted into shares of private companies or privatized, so that financial capital is increasingly shaping the property and further, the direction of them. Different transnational corporations are intertwined through the financial capital and international capital groups articulate, visible by the coincidence between members of the boards of corporations or limited by shares, representing the owners, owners or partners of either company whether transnational or international.Financial capital is often internationally centralized under the command of relatively small groups as a result of both mergers and takeovers of banks and enterprises of different branches of production, as well as artificial monopolization cases. Rudolf Hilferding in his Finanzkapital Das (1909) pioneered the analysis of the importance of charged and charged in the financial capital capitalism throughout the world. Every day we add more because they like to eat. L. We love to write things that are irrelevant, I shall eat all the. L. ( ) change