THE MAGICIAN This dual sign reveals that all the things are derived from the high thing to reach their Earth creation. The magician owns the faculty to use the different objects that he has in the table to prevail in the thought, the word and the action. Talking about to the magic, the letter he indicates that it will be possible to be acted to immediately be able to obtain the wished results. Right: Everything in the figure of the magician suggests creativity to us and originality, the ability to even make conjurings, is precise to improvise constantly, to be agile, to have reflections and to be in contact with the enemy with hidden it, which the others cannot see, for that reason this letter indicates the possibility of taking to good aim a project to us, boldness necessary to secure a goal, the will force, the security, the automatic control, a certain dose of deceit to secure the proposed aim. The magician can also indicate the beginning of an activity, the capacity to assume risks, is without doubt an eloquent personage, with great vehemence in his words.

Key words: The Prestidigitador Originality. Initiative, center of action, spontaneous intelligence. Possession of itself, autonomy, emancipation of all prejudice. Eloquence, skill, ability, refinement, diplomacy. Lawyer, speaker, diplomat or politician Invested: The chance can take to us to place this Inverted letter on the rug, S.A. to discover found it thus, will have to think about a totally different meaning, like the will deficiency, the tendency towards the destructive thing, little imagination, little determination, restlessness and insecurity.

Key words: Devoid of scruples, self-seeking, intrigrante, embustero, I pillage, swindler, prattling. Indecision, ineptitude, weak will, delay, insecurity. Applied will to bad aims. Interpretations: In concrete it: Capacity to approach the power of the stop and to direct it towards the manifestation through desire. Use of the power for destructive aims. Indecision and weak will. In work: Protection and solution of problems. In money: I devise to obtain it, salvation and arrival of money. In friendship: Badly understood and obstacles with friendships. In family: Fleeting discussions and malaises. In health: To take care of the head. In love: Conflicts arise that are solved with ability. More information on LETTERS OF the TAROT Source article: Egyptian tarot Original author and source of the article