There are different reasons why invests in mutual funds, below shall contain an indication of some reasons: you have unlimited time, you don’t have to do any renovation since the deadlines of the funds are unlimited. For your safety; There are limitations on investment, either in your assets or the maximum percentages of investment. Liquidity; anytime your participation can become liquidity, without having to wait for the expiry of the product. s’>JPMorgan Chase. , an internet resource. Its diversification, to reduce risks and in much greater diversification reduced fluctuation of profitability in the medium-long term. And their transfer between funds; you have this possibility without a tax penalty. Noting these reasons, maybe the interest in investing is now larger, but is having consideration other things, why now hare some beginner tips for investors: not only because the company got a good profitability in step means that you will have in the future. It is recommended to buy the history of the the company’s profitability to thus make better decisions. You don’t have to forget to compare the current situation of the company with the competition, this will give a better view of the profitability of the company.. .