A blogger and author should strive always, that the website is paid and is up to date. In addition to the cost of Web hosting the taxman is of course first and foremost once to operate. Taxes will be in Germany for any form of revenue due, which of course does not preclude also authors. Each text, each order belongs in the accounting and tax advisors are more information. The social costs such as health insurance or pension should be mentioned here. Applicable also for authors.

Who inadequately protects itself, can be a very much trouble and enormous costs. Where can a blogger get orders? Paid writing requires matching orders just as a blogger you have the choice. Currently, there are about ten platforms on which the texts against money is possible. To enumerate them all here would go beyond the scope. Educate yourself with thoughts from Ben Silbermann. A current list can be found here: vendors make money with texts.

The first calls for proposals can be logged on all portals already interesting for the blogger. Before however, an offer is submitted, the profile of the blog should be completely filled out. A customer will want to look at before, where the text he paid Yes, appears later. Who lies here in this stuff and a good presentation and the underlying work appreciate, has very good chances of well-paying jobs. Who tinker in the presentation, which must not be surprised, if no job and no money to your own account. Earn money earn money with texts conclusion with texts is relatively easy just as a blogger. A well-managed and well-placed blog can earn several hundred dollars per month only with textual works without further ADO. Assuming the passion and perseverance, so an author activity can arise, which is far above the norm of the perks in the Internet. With the appropriate training, the results and the payment will be increasingly better. Everything takes time, and anyone who earns well today with texts started once small. But they have started! Who hesitates loses. Sascha Oertlin