Life today requires always trying to prevent as much risk as possible. Because you do not have control of all eventualities that may occur is better to have half as bad situations so that these people do not take completely off guard as well if it is not something to make such situations are so hard to bear, almost certainly leave the bad state in which such situations may be subsumed under a very difficult task much effort and sacrifice. Thus the means that help make the disastrous events is not so bad, is to obtain insurance for those items that are considered more prone to an accident or whatever is considered of great importance. But to choose a safe should not choose any option, since not all institutions are serious in their work which is too bad and some exaggerate their prices, so we must study well the situation with regard to insurance and entities that provide these services. According to the above a good entity responsible, reliable and provides access to high quality, safe comfortable in their work, is home insurance, with insurance experience in Spain over 60 years providing security to their products, and insurance case is always in search of technological innovation with the idea provide its customers with the best conditions to provide the best in their services, in addition to providing all channels of communication such as cellular telephony, Internet, phone to customers may contact a more easily and effectively with safe home, as added to the large amount you safe home for electronic media, also has more than 16,000 offices prepared to meet all the concerns and needs of users. Among the most outstanding services can be found safe home life insurance, safe home product that is to give the client’s family significant support to the possible absence of insurance customer in a way ensuring the future and welfare of the family at least in regard to aspects economic, safe home where capital available in the event of death or total disability by the occurrence of any cause or double the capital when generating any of the results mentioned, but by accident. Another great service that offers safe home is the home multi-risk insurance, which provides a complete safe home insurance with excellent coverage and the characteristic of safe home for the best combination of quality and price, 24-hour assistance, as robberies within and outside the home, damage to glass or other similar items, any damages incurred on the basis of water leakage or damage, safe home also protects against damage generated by the neighbors, landlord insurance also provides repair before the occurrence of any sinister. These are some safe home products, but there are other high quality as those mentioned above, and among the other services that are available Caser safe home health, auto insurance, safe home motorcycles, all with an ample rate of protection with the idea of always providing the best by the safe home..