If you regularly use your printer, then you know how it is unpleasant when the cartridge is low. Unfortunately, more often it happens when you urgently need to print any document or picture. In this case you experiencing an undue negative emotions and stress. (A valuable related resource: Wells Fargo). At the most forward-looking, of course, there is a spare cartridge in the bins. But sometimes it may be that it is damaged or fails to provide adequate print quality. To avoid such trouble, it is necessary to comply with the rules of storage cartridges – then they will remain in excellent condition as long as you do not need.

There is a widespread misconception that the properties of the ink over time, not worse. It is not always true, since inappropriate storage and damage the cartridge, its duration is shortened and you have to pay extra for a new cartridge. To prolong the life of the cartridges and protect themselves from feelings, make sure they are stored in a dry, safe place. Try to find a place to keep a constant room temperature, since properties of cartridges that are stored in a closet or a drawer in high or low temperatures may deteriorate irreversibly. Remember that the cartridge must be stored in a certain position and in sealed containers to As long as you do not need it. If you work in an office, or use the printer to work, the proper use and storage of printer cartridges and help you avoid an unpleasant situation, when you put pressure on the terms and you can not print the document.

Find in the workplace is dry and safe place to store the cartridges, and you'll know that as soon as your cartridge runs out ink, you will always have at hand a new serviceable cartridge. Once you find a suitable place to store the cartridges need to think about how to prolong its life, when he is already in the printer. To get the most out of the cartridge, Try printing using draft-quality mode. In the majority of printers provides an economical mode of printing in which consumes much less ink than printing at high resolution. Use the print quality, high-resolution photo printing or for printing important documents or pictures so that you extend the life of the printer and cartridge. It may seem that regular use of printer – not a good idea to extend the life of the cartridge, but, nevertheless, with your equipment will retain its quality for a longer period and provide a longer use of the cartridge. If your printer is often idle, the ink may dry out, and then you can not use the printer without the maintenance. Print something a few times a month to the ink nozzles from killing time to troubleshoot the printer. Good care of your ink cartridges allow you to save not only money but also your nerves. Regular maintenance of your printer and the correct storage cartridges provide the best quality printing at any time when you have a need for this.