Sparkplay releases the patch for Earth Eternal, another of his long-awaited, this update brings significant changes for both in-game content to the client connection. is a game in which the human race disappeared from the earth and was replaced by his predecessors and a fantastic mix of elements, man-eating beasts on one side and myths Egyptians, Greeks and Romans on the other. The game features a huge map to explore, including deserts, plains, snowcapped mountains, rainforests, and wetlands, among others. There are 22 races to choose from along with a skill tree to develop. Of course, this this the battle JVJ (player versus player) with a range of elements that make this game shine. The 3D graphics engine surrounds this entertainment with an atmosphere worthy of seeing and knowing.

Eternal Earth gives us the following update: – A single entry: A Anubians deadly force has reached the coasts of the island dark Bastion to launch an attack on Corsica. On his way he meets Lancelot the brave hero with his small but brave force. The Participants can join in these ventures listing their swords and known for the legendary Battle of Bastion. – It has been a renewed area of learning the game. Here, participants will learn the basics of the game – the items have been rebalanced for both Player vs.

Player – New and rare items for players who reach high levels – the items have been reclassified and have been differentiated by color, providing the participant the categorization of the same and to allow them to recognize worth keeping, – The shields / armor have been differentiated according to race of the character. Not all frames have the same effect on all races.