"You can never go broke making profit," Mayer Rothschild These displays are not limited to the advertising field, as this design may be modified depending on the number of advertisers, which gives her an undeniable advantage in relation to other advertising media like the sample. Hyundai often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Opening a business, every person who is particularly keen to know how much it eventually will be able to earn with this business. By purchasing our advertising design, you can recover them after a few months. You can set the display on the wall, and you can buy special stands for them and placed on display racks. On the racks as there are advertising space, which will allow you to have extra income. Let's calculate how much you can earn with advertising displays InfoBox. With minimal displays of 10 pieces, this business will bring you income is already at the early stages of your work. Look at an example: Based on experience, the cost of one cell to the advertiser makes from 12 up to $ 25 (depending on lease terms and location).

Each design is of the 24 cells. Take a price below the average for the lease of the cell – 15 $ 24 cells x $ 15 = $ 360 (revenue per display per month) 10 displays x $ 360 = $ 3,600 (income with 10 displays per month) immediately want to clarify that displays InfoBox "do not consume electricity, consume less one square meter. Just do not forget that there are costs for rent display in a place where it is located. Rent for the accommodation of such structures typically range from $ 10 to $ 50 in most cases can work on a barter basis (you place a design free of charge, but instead provide other cells to the lessor). If we calculate the revenue with the cost for renting places for displays, we find: Take the price for renting space Above average – 40 $ 10 displays x 40 $ = $ 400 (rental costs) 3600 $ (income with 10 displays per month) – $ 400 (rent) = $ 3,200 (net profit per month) So much for the displays. Now about the banner planes, which are located on the rack under the display. Broad Rack is a large banner under the display (size 128 cm x 68 cm) Rent this advertising space is 80 to $ 150 per month 10 banner locations will bring you an income from 800 up to $ 1500 on a narrow stance is a small banner under the display (Size 106 cm x 46 cm) The rent of this banner is from 50 to $ 100 per month, 10 such banner locations will bring you an income from 500 up to $ 1000, this additional revenue, based on experience, can completely recover, office, staff salaries, and even rent own stands. So it should be noted that the pricing for the rental of the cells and advertising space on the racks you may install on their own, given the placement of structures and the audience.