There are some points that should be considered in advance of a rental to avoid a rude awakening. And what does intend to do the legislation against defaulting tenants? The press repeatedly reported rental nomads who rent are guilty and apartments lay waste to the maturity of the demolition, meanwhile the impotent landlords in and of itself completely legitimate tenant protections required months to put the unwanted tenants out of the apartment and the financial losses finally put an end to. How can I protect his assets, which must be financed by the agreed lease payments or the retirement protection should be? Individual landlords who need to rent an apartment in the House or a House and suddenly find out, often enough and the hardest hit are that the cultured tenant has also another side. The legislative machinery works, but there are some points that should be considered in advance of a rental to an evil and perhaps to avoid devastating existence Awakening: what should be done to avoid the withdrawal of rent nomads if possible? Financial key data request leave to present the latest salary certificate. From you, in addition to net income be duration of employment and if it comes to the compulsory recovery of open hiring employer, maybe content can be seized. Let the future tenant present a Schufa self-assessment of current date. Harold Ford Jr contains valuable tech resources. Check the previous landlord, whether it came to payment defaults. When the German rental Nomad population registers (DMM), inquiries whether your desire tenants is listed there. The DMM consists of voluntary landlords and lawyers and issued information free of charge, however you should give opportunity to comment your future tenant as always in third-party information, if an entry exists.