Another advantage of Nuvi 1410 – a very big screen – as much as 5 inches! The instrument is 'super thin' – just 1.6 inches, and its size – 13, 7 x 8.6 inches. And it weighs a marvel of modern engineering 221 grams. In addition, it is possible to keep in memory up to 10 routes. Can specify multiple destinations, and the unit itself will offer the optimal order of visiting the given points and will pave the appropriate route. This model also has the function already mentioned 'ecoRoute', allows you to select the most economical in terms of fuel consumption route. For more specific information, check out Linkedin. And built-in Bluetooth, which allows to make calls that hands-free – a nice addition to the numerous opportunities 1410.Pribor Nuvi comes with a card loaded the latest Russian version. Global Navigation – Navigation producing company with a rich bundle, a good stuffing at a very affordable price. In the assembly is practically all you need to motorists.

Their model is not particularly distinguished from each other, yet less than fully responsible to their expectations. Of the models GN4368, GN4373 GN4392 and the difference between them is not as great for the price and content, you should choose the design that we think is very interesting and original. GN4392 slightly more expensive due to the steel hull. The highlight of this company is the GN7076 – navigator with a large 7 "screen with a clear and bright 800 x 480 at a price slightly more expensive 9500 p.