In my opinion, is now on the Internet established a balance – between the number of directory sites and sites where people express their opinion on what are the directories and the role they can play in the destiny of your Internet resource. I have an opinion on this matter. To begin with, that many people, I believe, formed an erroneous impression about the catalog as a way to promote your site. On the Internet, as in everything in life, nothing just do not happen to get the result needed to work hard and think for site promotion, increasing citation index is sufficient to register a site in the directory – naive. Well, it's a lyric retreat, is now directly on the topic. What is the catalog? Web Directory – a resource that collects information on various websites.

Most sites record web designers, but it also happens that users made to the base they like sites that other people also can find them. If your site is interesting, himself an administrator can add it to our directory. Frequently Munear Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX has said that publicly. As in any other directory, information is divided into thematic Uncategorized. This facilitates navigation and search, although more accurate to say no to a search and collection. Therein lies the main difference between directory sites from the search engine – search engines are looking for specific information key words, pictures, etc., and in the directory compiled and organized general information about the sites – title, description and address. In fact, the catalog may be helpful.