Decipher some of the terms to continue could show off with 'catchy little word': irrevocable confirmed letter of credit – the buyer instructs his bank to confirm an irrevocable letter of credit through a bank salesman. The seller's bank guarantee fulfillment of the conditions of payment. Discounted – 1) form of direct rebates, used in international payments, and 2) in the banking business – the operation banker purchase securities at a price below par, given its front side, the difference between nominal and real purchase price is the size of discount. Convertible securities – bonds and preferential shares, which can be exchanged for other securities (Bonds and ordinary shares) in accordance with the terms of the conversion privilege. Leasing General – General (general) agreement on the lease between the landlord and tenant, which provides for the right tenant to complement list of leased equipment without signing new contracts. Loan Repayment – return the state of the debtor to creditors upon the expiration of the amount of public debt. An important element of public debt management. Source –