It is season of you happen in European soccer and the winter market is moved very, so we will make a review of the discharges, losses and of interests of the best sport equipment of Europe. Kalou To the Liverpool? The Liverpool tries to do a supply to him to the mediocampista blue, that at the moment does not have many minutes in field. Of this form reds tries to improve their offensive zone. The Tottenham looks for arquero Or is than probable more the exit of Gomes, reason why the English equipment or is looking for possible reemplazantes, between which is Javi Jimnez, that in spite of not being to title in its equipment, the Murcia, and of to have disputed only a party, the Tottenham would go by him. Kameni to the Malaga the doorman leaves the Espanyol and it becomes the first signing of the European football team of this season thus. The Manchester City, in search of two new players According to Web d rtbf, a ojeador Citizen traveled until Turkey to follow of near Cheikhou Kouyat.Next to the African also in the sight is Nir Biton, a young Israeli of 20 years that promise enough in the game land.

Milan leaves negotiations by Tvez After the refusal of Duck to clock on and off by the PSG happens from Charlie to Milan was truncated. The Juventus in search of the Boy Towers Recently a leader of the Juve moved until London to ask for the Spanish forward who at the moment is in a delicate situation. Guti will not resgresar to European soccer Were many the speculations that became about the return of the mediocampista Guti to Spanish soccer, but according to the daily Mark the soccer player would have itself it jeopardize with a the Hilal. The DT of the Liverpool finishes with the rumors of the exit of Andy Carroll All we know that the yield of Andy Carroll is not of the best thing since it arrived at Anfield, short while ago were listened to rumors about the exit of the forward, but Kenny Dalglish does not have any intention to do without the forward who will continue in the European club.