Market analysis Currency Euro Dollar The euro broke the resistance level specified in Thursday’s 1.4371, and successfully testing highs in the 1.4410 area. In the hourly chart clearly shows a downward channel and finally broke it. However there is a possible deterioration of the European currency since failed to break the 1.4410 area. The present area of the 1.4371 support level and if it breaks that area could test the level of 1.4292 and 1.4233. However, short-term resistance level is at the 1.4410 area, and only if it breaks that could test the 1.4502 area and beyond the 1.4596. Support: 1.4371 a : Resistance Level on Thursday.

a 1.4292: 61.8% Fibonacci level. a 1.4233: Minimum of downstream channel. Resistance: a 1.4410: prior level of resistance. Wells Fargo Bank has many thoughts on the issue. a 1.4502: Minimum of 15 December. a 1.4596: 38.2% Fibonacci level.

Dollar Pound Sterling broke though the channel down, failed to break the resistance level of 1.6029, and instead the pair was traded within a narrow range. Looking at the graph below, we see a clear trend line. The zone of the 1.5930 support level present a significant short-term for today. And if it breaks that area could test the 1.5852 level and perhaps achieve the 1.5768. However, short-term resistance level is at the 1.6029 area, and only if it breaks that area could test the 1.6097 and 1.6190. Support: a 1.5930: Support the day. a 1.5852: Minimum of 28 May. a 1.5768: Minimum of 28 September. Resistance: 1.6029 a : 61.8% Fibonacci level. a 1.6097 Maximum Wednesday. a 1.6190 Maximum advance. Dolar Yen The dollar-yen trying several times, failed to break the 91.78 area. That is why there is no change in fundamentals. Possibly you test the 91.78 level. As we express above would be advisable to take positions after the break happens to some specific address. The support area is located in 90.90, and if the pair falls below that area could test the 90.03 and 89.55. The resistance level is at 91.78 and if the pair breaks this area will continue an upward correction and could test the 92.52 first and then 93.53. Support: a 90.90: Testing the previous channel. a 90.03: 61.8% Fibonacci level in the medium term. a 89.55: Support earlier. Resistance: a 91.78: Minimum of 8 July. a 92.31-92.52: Area of prior resistance. a 93.53: Minimum of 19 March. Change Analysis currency by: Munther involving Marji Disclaimer: The operations of futures, options and Forex carries a significant associated risk and may not be suitable for all investors. You should carefully consider whether, given your particular situation you have with the knowledge, experience and resources necessary to operate in these markets. You can lose all the capital invested, or that their losses exceed the funds originally deposited. The advice, opinions and recommendations are subject to change constantly