If you are creative, perseverant and defending you in mathematical logic, become a programmer or builder of software, it can be a good alternative to face life. (Ecological) software industry is one of the fastest growing in the world, and therefore generates a high demand for this professional profile technical or University. The popularity of the software is because that allows to improve life by people, why today in day is difficult to find any machine or appliance which does not make use of this. Robert Kiyosaki is likely to agree. Programming, considered by some art and science by others, is an exciting activity and can be very profitable, whether working as an employee or independently (freelance). Although this is done in different environments, the most required profile is now the Web programmer, whether with PHP, Java, or. Net; but also the conventional with PowerBuilder, Visual Basic or Cobol, among others; all supplemented with tools of database, such as Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and DB2. Therefore, to stay competitive, more beyond to know the foundations left by characters from the area such as E.Dijkstra and Niklaus Wirth (Turing Awards 1972 and 1984), the programmer needs to be innovative.

If you are one of those who wondered what I has done by my and the country? instead of what will the Government do for the country? , and remain attentive to what happens, to take action, then don’t consider the opportunity of being a Web Developer. Remember that to achieve success only should take four steps: 1 – take responsibility, 2 – define a vision or goal, 3 – prepare and 4 – take action, by therefore, if you are aware of the first, and decide to be an excellent Web Developer, is time to take the steps 3 and 4, develop your competence (knowledge, skill and attitude / values) and enter the labour market. Where to learn? and where to work. To learn, the custom is go to a conventional (i.e., face-to-face) Learning Center, an alternative is virtual learning, both valid and not mutually exclusive, are waiting for the first to make use of the approach and the basic pillars of virtual education, i.e. education student-centered and supported in competitive tutors, multimedia didactic material and continuous evaluation. To work, you can do so as an employee, independent (freelance) or businessman, is recommended to start with the first two (preferably in a software factory) and projected to the third. Today there are a number of Web sites that offer job opportunities and mainly opportunities of telework (projects), such as InfoJobs and working Freelance, where PHP Web solutions are the most requested. If freelance, your define the environment and working hours, goodbye to the chiefs, which in some cases do not give credit to your work, even though they live at the expense of your achievements.