Perhaps you happened at some point of your life, either at your place of work, at the club that you frequent, or in your own family, you find a person having attitudes that cause rejection of people that surrounds it. Always is looking for harming a companion, weaving conspiracies, or speaking badly of someone. No friends permanent, as it has the peculiarity that is talking amicably with someone at a time, and minutes later is talking bad about that someone in their absence, or seeking to harm him. Some years ago I met a person as well. It caused the rejection of everyone in your environment, it sought to cause damage to others at every opportunity, you injuriaba who are crossing in the road. But had another peculiarity, which I could appreciate a day in which the single vi in a your Office: cried incessantly when I didn’t have people to its around.

At that moment I decided to change my attitude, because generally, and until that time, when someone assumed bad companion attitudes or sought to injure people who lived in your environment, I simply me away, to avoid being damaged, and always gave me result take that more comfortable path. At that time, instead of leaving me, I approached her, looked for dialogue, tried to accompany him, and they took only a few minutes of dialogue to give me account that had inside if great suffering. Then I perceived that he practiced at the foot of the letter said: not there best defence that a good attack. To protect yourself from all that pain, by the loss of a child, by the loss of her partner, by economic failure, physical impairment, she had dedicated to attacking others. Eventually, it was normal for her people moved away after suffering damage, and I am convinced of the fact that me closer to her changed his perspective. Not by me, but because at that moment she realized realize that he could live better. In her same was the discovery, simply needed a friendly and selfless approach.

And it was what happened. That person that caused so much rejection by their attitudes began, little by little, to give better to others, to express sincere affection, and rebuild their lives. Over time, but more accentuated even in our days, people omit to express their feelings. People have reached such a degree of suffering that does not distinguish abroad friends and enemies. They put everybody in the same bag and when the possibility of a rapprochement, damaged everything what is approaching them. It is easier to act like that. an offensive to defend itself has the advantage that the attacked fails to see what they really feel, because I’m protecting me with that kind of armor that far from protecting me, collects inside my pain, bitterness and suffering. Sometimes just a smile, an I hear, a watchful and complicit, for needy drop the Cuirass and show how it really is, us to confidently express their needs, their fears and their pains. It is essential that we are open to identify those people who need support in our environment. And if you you who need support, have the courage Show open when someone is approaching friendly and amicably. Not everyone wants to take away something. There are people who are better because you allow yourself to enter into your life. We we meet again soon. Carlos Cabrera together we grow. Together is better.