Up to the present day, SETON – its origins faithfully staying – is active in the catalogue business and very successful. 2.2 SETON SETON is worldwide worldwide presence in 18 countries through regional manufacturing, sales, service or storage. The company’s headquarters is located in Branford, CT, United States. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out PayNet. The main activities of the company are marking and protection of buildings, products and people. SETON is the world represented in the following countries: United States, Australia, Canada, Brazil and China.

In Europe, SETON is to find in the following countries: Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Sweden and England. SETON’s product range includes 3 products to approximately 70,000 products. The core areas such as signs and labels, as well as products for work safety form marking products: safety signs SETON offers a wide range to the Safety signs in the workplace. This includes signs, warning symbol and warning signs also rescue and fire characters according to legal and professional association requirements, as well as field-proven signs. In the in-house production, individual signs are manufactured according to customer requirements.

Test marking offers SETON maintenance and inspection stickers to the documentation of equipment tests and inspections. For a quick allocation to the test year, SETON test plaketten follow a uniform colour scheme, the SETON annual colours. The company has a selection of inspection stickers with a variety of material properties, sizes, delivery forms and strength like hardly another provider in the market. To simplify pending inventory work and of the everyday operating sequence is obtained many different forms of inventory labelling inventory labelling at SETON. The wide range offers the right label – ubertragungs – and tamper-evident labels, for any need that when removing a Leave about tamper-proof labels, when the tear that checkerboard down to aluminum labels, which deform when attempting to transfer. SetonGuard are in the area of inventory labelling- and DurGuard products a household name. Prevention of occupational safety and health on first aid or protecting the environment, prevention is a key component to securing the quality and performance of each company. Employers and workers be including new challenges concerning the current issues of hygiene and protection equipment as well as environmental protection and first aid. In the field of health and safety and first aid, a wide range of products can be found at SETON. This covers specific products such as chemical protective clothing and eye washes in addition to General personal protective equipment according to the standards and regulations for work safety. Protecting the environment is an integral part of a modern corporate culture. With a diverse range of environmental protection and hazardous material safety SETON is these market requirements Justice. SETON is your partner in issues of prevention available. Suitable to the portfolio of the parent company, SETON lettering machines offers a variety of identification solutions from the own company. Lettering machines include also BRADY. Geared to the needs of the SETON customers are mostly portable and stand alone lettering machines offered. How to contact with Iris Seitz (E-Commerce Manager DACH), Tel.: + 49 61 03 / 75 98-125, fax: + 49 61 03 / 75 98-844 E-Mail: