Intrum Justitia GmbH informed about actual costs of payment default Darmstadt June 2012: Intrum Justitia advises entrepreneurs sure which expenses for late payment is created and while detail. Because many companies do not know how much is the sum which is for late payments and how much additional revenue is needed to compensate for the failures. The actual costs incurred by a company, if the customer too late or not at all comply with his payment obligations, are larger than many think. Intrum Justitia has investigated how such open items affect the net profit of a company or business. In the focus are the material overhead that this creates and invoices which outstanding entrepreneur in the case can do.

The study by Intrum Justitia annual European payment index revealed in 2012, that 43% of all German companies due to late payments of cash-flow problems have. Straight pending payments can become a big problem for small and medium-sized enterprises. It must be not even many customers, who are with their payments in arrears. Only a few are enough to make high costs. Outstanding debts you missed not only investment opportunities, but additional expenses so more sales required to compensate for the failures.

Each year go companies in bankruptcy when you consider this, how high the cost of outstanding bank loans are really, it becomes clear that this factor this plays a great role. Appropriate steps should be as early as possible-initiated, and in the future, measures should be taken to avoid late payments forward advance. These circumstances can be avoided or at least mitigated by professional credit management. Intrum Justitia shows customers and interested parties based on simple calculations, how much extra effort is really necessary, to to compensate for depreciated money: Intrum Justitia could help already many customers effectively and purposefully to collect payments and offers solutions for all levels of credit management process. Further information on the subject can be found in the Centre of in Magazine 01/2012, can be downloaded below or in the current risk index for Germany. You order it today under. About Intrum Justitia GmbH Intrum Justitia across Europe credit management and debt collection services offered that measurably improve the cash flow and the long-term profitability of customers and include the purchase of receivables. Intrum Justitia, a company founded in 1923 in Sweden employs approximately 3,300 employees in 20 countries, including Germany in the locations Darmstadt and Hanover.