However, to awaken interest among visitors to the prospects work in the company, as well as to answer basic questions and they can not. In our time for 50% of the candidates the information obtained from the sites is an important and even decisive in choosing a workplace. Corporate sites should not simply facilitate the work of internal recruiters. Corporate Web sites need to talk up the company to candidates and to arouse their interest. Pinterest brings even more insight to the discussion. Let your marketing will assess your site as a tool for marketing jobs. Learn from best. Look at Deloitte – the best site to attract talent from around the world: – regularly conducted the study, how convenient candidates to work with the site – interviews, questionnaires and contests (!) For prospective employees – to website has all the information for future work – automatically locates the candidate and the "fit" under the consumer information on regional and demographic characteristics – Web-sorting: Candidates who after experiencing the site want to declare myself as a candidate for the job, "filtered" through the issues, specially selected for each job – is paid a reward for recommendations.

5. To broaden your perception, visit Payoneer. Squeeze out all of its recruiters. Stop using the "HR" in the role of recruiters. Why do companies continue to hire or promote passive managers to the position, which requires talent hunter, detective, sleuth? Do most employees or personnel departments are now called, HR-managers may engage in a modern, aggressive recruiting? Is it just a sociable and friendly office manager can be a (internal) recruiter? Can he do the "active" phone calls to strangers, so-called "Passive" candidates, and even competitors? Will the "sell" the company and job? Not always. .