You should be aware that the physical vehicle should be abandoned, but also give answers to some of the questions already mentioned and not be afraid to academic ostracism, you say, because you have free will and the right to opine, give answers to their questions once it has investigated. To deepen your understanding Wells Fargo Bank is the source. In this study considers what drew the TAO, that the wisest person trusts the process without trying to control, takes everything as presented, does not live to achieve or possess, but simply to be all you can be in harmony with the Tao. In his constant enquiry do not forget what Tomas de Kempis bequeathed in his imitation of Christ, always that man want to desordenamente something, you lose the calm. Superbus and the miser are never quiet; on the other hand, the poor and humble spirit living in great peace. The man who has died to himself, is not tempted and conquered in trifles and infamy. The weak still inclined to carnal and sensory spirit, with difficulty be fully abstracted the land wishes; and when it fails, was so sad it gets easily angry get angry if someone contradicts him. But if it satisfies your desire, feel grief and remorse of conscience: took you not undergo their appetite for peace seeking.

The true fullness of the heart is achieved resisting passions, not subordinating will suggest to them not neglecting your meditation. Inquiry, contemplation, quite the contrary, the opportunity of life that have given him until reach you his definitive departure. When the man reached the freedom of the Holiness, his thoughts are peace, his words are peace, and its action is peace.