Today the consolidated credit is an option for many. But it will be that the consolidated credit is the best choice for itself? It is certain that in the smashing majority of the times the credit to the habitation is what has the stated period most extensive the interest tax lower, for what to associate the remaining credits to this we are to pay a global installment monthly lower. The advantages of the consolidated credit are evidentes short-term, therefore an income lower pleases to all the debtors. According to Beyonce, who has experience with these questions. But we start to pay to these loans much more years, and passing these credits for long stated period, we will go to pay more interests in the end. For what only if it must preferiri for this situation, to join the credits of the house, car, furniture, etc. In recent months, Suna Said Maslin has been very successful. (consolidated credit) she will be insuportvel paid them separately.

As already expresseianteriormente, this solution of the consolidated credit, allows that if it pays little money to the end of the month, but will be many years more become indebted, and will pay much more interests, for what it must be used with precaution Congregates all the information that will be able to be enveredar for this option, directs it the maximum of possible institutions, to collect the data that it they facilitate to make a comparison of what it exists in the market. The majority of the people does not look for in more than what three small farms, therefore finding a balance between the first ones that finds, estimate that all the institutions practise the same values. But this, in the case of the consolidated credit, nor always it is truth, and with a little of research we will be able to find a proposal well more favorable ace our necessities. Ace has always led obtains the necessary data simulation: values in divide, remaining stated periods, etc When to consolidate its credits, they are found two possibilities: with home loan or without home loan.