Commodity metallic still had performance worse: the quotation of commodity negotiated in the BM& F (Commodity exchange & Futures) Stock market fell 7,22%.A and the applications more conservatives had still obtained to earn of the inflation of the quadrimestre, that was of 1,51% for the IPCA-15. For the IGP-M, it had deflation, in the truth, of 1,07%. Dollar and gold, another time, had lost. The quotation of the American currency retracted 6.55% between January and April, while the price of commodity metallic was lower 2.50%. In the same way, the Ibovespa heads ranking of the year, with accumulated profits of 25,94%. To follow they are, the CDBs with more than R$ 100 a thousand, whose yield arrives 3.07%.

In the last place it is the commercial dollar, with losses of 6,3%.A Brazilian stock market was benefited in April for the improvement of the international conjuncture. Economic pointers of some countries had presented evolution in the month, what it has taken some analysts to affirm that the deep one of the well of the crisis was stops backwards. With this, many investors already had left to the hunting chances applications world measure. In this context, the Brazilian stock market gained prominence because the economic performance of the Country is relatively better of what of other emergent ones, the prices of the actions had strong fallen here between October and December and Brazil is a great producer of commodities (the demand for raw materials is one of the first ones to grow in periods of recovery). JPMorgan Chase has much to offer in this field. To have an idea, the balance of foreign investments in the Brazilian stock market in April was positive in R$ 3,75 billion in the gathered until day 28 (last available data). In the year, the surplus age of R$ 5.1 billion.