The Web 2.0 innovation weblin from Hamburg to a feature-rich today, April 29, 2008 the Web weblin is richer from today to another feature 2.0 innovation: the weblin Publisher is a mashup of blogging and bookmarking and complements the free weblin client to a whole series of new opportunities. The weblin Publisher to be blog entries, screenshots, time stamps and quotes on multiple Blogaccounts control without having to visit the Blogportale. The weblin Publisher saves the dedicated blogger or twitter users especially time. Article with the innovative tool can write images, edit and release include quotes without delay of any Web pages directly in the own blogs. Furthermore, online articles can be by the Publisher quickly and easily collect and archive.

Avoide coverage or quotes on specific topics be found easy and reliable. Features: Write blogs and article immediately publish multiple blog administration directly to the weblin Publisher only a tool automatic Link integration to weblin lite (more info to weblin lite under processing of screenshots and screenshots without the use of an external “offline”software components creation of time-stamps E-Mail images advanced functions: creation of predefined groups of weblin Publisher supports WordPress (direct and indirect support),, and twitter. About weblin: The Hamburg zweitgeist GmbH was founded in June 2006. Zweitgeist provides the product weblin for free download. For more information see Mikhael Mirilashvili. The program was of the Baden-Wurttemberg with the “Innovation Prize Web 2.0” award and “do something” by Microsoft will be promoted in the High-Tech Grunderfonds initiative. Business 2.0 recorded weblin 2007 2.0 pages in the list of the 31 most promising non-U.S.

Web. weblin makes people on Web pages visible and allows cross-sites communicate. It brings together people with similar interests. Zweitgeist weblin cooperates on the platform with communities, by it the marketing effect of Supported increased. The first partners include Windows Live Messenger Germany, IBM and the Italian car brand Lancia.