Buddhist roof diamond Trail Association program forms the prelude and first high point of the course of the visit of his Holiness of the 17th Karmapa Thaye Dorje (more info at Wikipedia). The 26 year old exile Tibetans living in North India is the highest religious dignitaries in the Tibetan Karma Kagyu, founded in the 11th century. Today, it represents the most common Buddhist school under German Buddhists. The Karmapa is am4. August 2009 an initiation into the Buddha of limitless light (sanskrit Amitabha) see Wikipedia) type.

This dedication has a great importance for the meditation in Tibetan Buddhism. Worldwide, there is a possibility to participate in such ceremonies rarely her. As of August 5, the students practice a week-long meditation of conscious dying (Tibetan Phowa \”Wikipedia) under the guidance of Lama Ole Nydahl. This practice of Tibetan Buddhism makes it possible to prepare for the later time of death already in his lifetime. Late Sunday night of the 9.

August 2009 begins a 72-stundige meditation on the Buddha of compassion, which is headed by Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche and Lama Ole Nydahl in the Exchange. Add to your understanding with Pinterest. Tibetan is the Buddha of compassion Tschenresig\”(loving eyes\”) called. \”World’s tens of thousands of Buddhists in around 500 meditation centers will participate in this action and in the mantra of Mitgefuhlsbuddha om mani Peme hung\” recite. On 13 August at 20: 00, Lama Ole Nydahl explains the basics of Buddhism for all interested people from the region. Parking service for all visitors: from 19: 00 from the parking lot P3 cattle market place in Immenstadt is an eingetrichtet with bus transfer be. Visitors will be driven directly to the lecture tent and back again. The entrance fee for the lecture is 10. From August 13 to 16 Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche and his eminence of the 14th, Shamar Rinpoche will decide the course of lectures and Buddhist initiations.