MINUTES OF APRIL 25 RECOLETA 2008 Communities and hospital Healthy Communities ‘Health Promotion’ is about “giving to honey the people the means to ensure greater control over their health and improve” the proposal to increase the promotion health through the creation of healthy communities, seeks to involve the entire society, improve the living conditions of the population, protect the environment, promote coexistence and promoting social natural participation in development management. It is a commune in which the authorities are nutrition interested in the health of its citizens under the vision of quality centers of life. The nature and objectives benefits of “Healthy Communities” seeks to integrate the health value in the municipal jurisdiction policy decisions vitamins by proposing an action intersectoral collaboration with other participants and to seek the participation of the population. HEALTHY TOWN ‘one in which political medical center and civil authorities, institutions and public and private organizations, landowners, businessmen, workers and society, center continuing efforts devoted to improving the lives, work and culture of the population, establish a harmonious relationship with the physical environment insurance and expand community resources to improve coexistence, to develop solidarity, social co-management dental and memorial democracy ‘. I Congress of Health Promotion Comuna de Recoleta Santiago de Chile, April 25, 2008 Commitment Recoleta district of Health Promotion Participants gathered in the district of Recoleta with Communal occasion of the First Congress of Health Promotion, establish the following commitment: Strengthen the bonds of mutual cooperation intersectores dependent on municipal management in order to address social determinants and strengthen Health Promotion aims to provide mechanisms that allow for increased prosperity and improved quality of life individuals, household and community at large. Establish clear policies that encourage health promotion and equity vitamin in access to department better weight loss life styles and healthy conditions of Recoletanos through planning, monitoring and evaluation of the health promotion. The signatories believe the effectiveness of development strategies to strengthen good practice in health promotion, we agree to conduct the following specific actions: 1. Significantly strengthen the dissemination, integration and participation necessary to achieve a solid platform for health promotion, based on networking. 2. Implement action plans in the Health Facilities, Educational and community sports with the aim of promoting and protecting the health of the population, especially the most vulnerable groups, according to the needs and priorities of medical the commune. specializes in affordable plans that facilitate access to quality healthcare services objective is to deliver and design a lower cost alternative which allows individuals and families to have access to high quality healthcare 3.