Improves competitive opportunities and increased market success for the AV industry with B2B decisions competition chances improve increasingly over the Internet hit and most influential source for investment decisions increased market success for the AV industry with Internet is 85% of B2B executives find your suppliers on the Internet online marketing Wettberwerbsvorteile creates responsible in the B2B area use mostly the Internet for investment decisions, according to a study by virtual identity and Google. Accordingly, avipool, the portal for media technology, contributes to improve the market success of Portal participants from the AV industry. Once again shows that statistically proved the benefits of avipool and the necessity of online marketing. Long, for the consumer space, the Internet has become to the virtual shopping mall. With just a few clicks, all relevant information about product and manufacturer available and orders are completed. That also in the B2B field, the Web an increasingly play larger role in investment decisions, this confirms a study of virtual identity in cooperation with Google Germany. Nearly 1,000 telephone interviews with B2B decision makers such as directors or managers of medium-sized companies investigated the behavior of information before making an investment decision.

Clearly from the survey results that result in business decisions increasingly on the World Wide Web. The Internet is positioned as a main source of information for the own area of expertise, and to create a market overview. Search engines, provider sites and especially specialized portals are an integral part of the information gathering and increasingly crucial factors for the success of an investment. While traditional information sources such as journals or measurement according to survey loses relevance, search engines, provider websites and specialised portals are increasingly gaining importance for success of an investment and information gathering. 85% of respondents indicated that via the Internet a later To have found suppliers. If B2B managers increasingly use the Internet for their investment decision, that means: who wants to be successful in the B2B sector, need to show online presence! Company’s success highly depends therefore on the success of online marketing. avipool, the new portal for media technology, is located exactly in the trend of the times. As an online platform for the AV industry interface and connection medium is avipool between manufacturers, trading, system integrators on the one hand and the many customers of different segments throughout Europe, on the other hand.

For participants in the trade portal, this means: no wastage! The company profile entry achieved a top ranking with little effort and appears focused target groups. That makes the difference to the results, the search engines. With a company portrait on is increasing the presence on the Web, increased the level of awareness and target an interested clientele. avipool is also active effective online marketing and thus improves the in addition Competitive opportunities of Portal participants significantly. About avipool avipool GmbH is a portal operator of the trade portal for professional media technology Portal serves manufacturers, service providers and users in the B2B area as a market place for contact and information. Registered participants of the portal have the opportunity, Enterprise and performance profiles to adjust and to make them accessible for users with extensive filter possibilities. Daily news and jobs – training courses complete the offer. The portal serves all participating AV specialist support in the online marketing and Web business, not least due to the extensive Portal promotion. Contact avipool GmbH Lenz dump 28 70192 Stuttgar press contact: Martin Elsner Tel. 0711 2500565