You want what it is – a practice assessment is doctors know a first-class way through a practice review what has your practice for a value. A practice review is required in different life situations. The helmet Sauer group has focused among other things on the practice reviews and was previously on the basis of their experience for health professionals from all disciplines. The value of a practice is meaningful, situational and has determined. The practice review using recognized valuation is performed to give security for the buying and selling of the practice doctors.

A doctor of his practice from age or health set up vote will require practice to set a realistic price. On the other hand, it is important to know what the practice for a value, that he wants to buy, to start the independence for a young doctor. A practice assessment is also essential in the case of mergers or investments in firms. There are however also the a practice assessment require less enjoyable occasions, such as, for example, the equalisation in the divorce. On all occasions, whether pleasant or unpleasant, the value determined by the practice assessment is the basis for important decisions. Not only recognised and transparent assessment methods, but also the necessary understanding for the market are used. In the area of the establishment determination has helmet Sauer group over many years of experience. For this reason, meaningful estimates at market prices, as well as to the price tendencies are possible. The specialists at the practice valuation and purchase pricing support assist clients with their expert advice. A realistic assessment of the practice and the pricing when purchasing a practice for a doctor are impossible without support.