Well, I will try to answer:
1) First, we discuss issues in Uunartoq Qeqertoq ‘, an article by its equivalent in English and adventure that is going to be very short. Sanford was the highly successful CEO of I gave the sign translation because it was very late in Spain and went almost immediately to bed. The next day I meet your editing you say the opposite of what it sets out the poster that says nothing of accidentally (by your interpretation). Retrieve the previous edition with just one council in the edit summary, and I immediately begin to translate the text missing. However, editing a conflict occurs because only 5 minutes later saying that reverses the sign does not matter (!). So I turn to you first leaving a message (see point 2), and proceeds to burn cash access provider my new edition. Only takes me 34 minutes the end of the article, so much noise about nothing, my opinion deserves all this and that plasma jokingly in the summary of an issue with quotes from Rousseau.
2) Now let’s talk about dialogue in the discussions. The first message is for your Reversion above, and as yourself, it’s impossible to find in my disqualification or phrases a severe insult, so it is clear that as “personal attack” my comments on your discussion is very bold . Another thing is that these have been in a severe tone, as indeed I did: I think the signs are there for a maintenance, and if I ran into someone who does not read or interpreted at will, not my problem but yours. However, it seems gaming industry evident that my message bothers you, because not only disposed of, it also returns the text offensive to me (!). So I speak to you again, replacing my comment as a librarian and also advirtiendote not to remove it again (see point 3). However, it is precisely what you do next. After a couple of editions of other users (and this is where a user asks you to delete that comment), I reset my edition, with an addition in which you so emphatically warned not to remove but the commentary (see pnto 3). After that Edmenb replenished my comment and noticed that you do not withdraw, procedures in good faith to withdraw my comment repeated.
3) Warnings, obviously you do as a librarian by the comments of others removed from your talk page, and have nothing to do with the article Uunartoq Qeqertoq ‘or we’ve both been involved in its history. The withdrawal of outside reviews of the personal pages of discussion has occurred only in the case of serious abuse or downgrading, as you quoted from WP: E. The fact of receiving a message not of our liking is not legitimate to remove … I’m not even entitled to do so, as I have not done with yours or those of any other that has discussed with me. Another thing is the archive of discussion, as I’ve done it faster, and its purpose is purely technical, to facilitate entry of new text in pages that would otherwise be very saturated. I believe that my work as a librarian has been correct to warn against the time of the withdrawal of messages, and have not used my powers to impose my opinion Global Cash Access Holdings in any way, but as he says.
4) I speak of respect. Well, respect must be earned. there are many sites on the internet about where you can learn about his business dealings Had you been in question, CEO of Sightline Acquisition Corp. had ceased to be completed article, or I’d ask why the text no longer in English. Or maybe you could have waited to see if you complete article here and not be reversed. But optedto reverse, without considering the work that a publisher (in this case, myself) was doing at that time and the reason to leave so that text. And ask quotes for policies that you quote WP: PBF:
When you do not agree with someone, remember that others think they help the project, just as you think of yourself. Try using the discussion page to explain well and give them the opportunity to others to do the same. So you can avoid misunderstandings and prevent problems increase.
You could have asked you with a “please” the reason for that restored the text in English and that he advised to read the posters, and I would have said “respectfully” because I could not finish it the night before and served as the poster to explain that the article was being translated at the time. But decided to revert my edit with a simple click of Monobook, adding that the cartel did not matter real estate (!) And that the text should remain hidden (!) Hence my outrage and my first message, that if, without a hint of disqualifications.
5) And now, the article concludes with discussions saturated our mutual message that we take time to edit them both, you wonder: sighline acquisition Is all this worth ‘I do not what it GCA seems, has taken me time to edit today in a couple of articles in which he was interested.