Companies are always social”, clarified Steinle. To deepen your understanding Pinterest is the source. So, Google has abolished most classic offices and this created a pleasant working atmosphere through social environments. Exemplary gondolas used for review purposes or meetings, as you collect the best ideas in everyday life or leisure. Furthermore, women as second megatrend occur constantly at the top of the company. Until 2013, they get a significantly higher income growth, while developed a new generation of fathers and further changing the role. The requirements for the men rise steadily, and especially everyday life become the largest conflict field, because at the same time increasing the employment of women. In the future only 25% of women would prefer a partnership the job, and also the work cultures are generally female.

An investigation by the way found that companies that since she have at least showed female quota of 30% on their boards, have achieved a significantly higher turnover as a company, where only men make up the Board of Directors. Man and woman complement each other so successful! The words people who work are happier!’ Mr. Steinle illustrated the last mega-trend of the society. The number of the founder of the company at the age of 50 years continues to increase. The company is increasingly becoming a so-called silver society “.

That which age leads to a passivity, is only a myth, which could be seen on current developments. In particular a certain network of knowledge is important in business. So companies can consider whether their Manager retires for the one or the other time-limited project, for example, for 3 months, get back to. With the old business style”(the same car, same age, same lifestyle) is little progress possible. “You need a diverse mix of everything, because: progress is only possible if you intelligently violates the rules”. Finally, Andreas Steinle gave the present students “yet the following tip: follow your passion, then the money comes from alone.”