General free line for flashed motorists? Jettingen, 14.Juli 2010. There are some current court decisions, which see flashes for detecting speeding as contrary to law. This information want to run the many stakeholders in the field, who are on the move every day, and due to high performance already statistically more at risk to be captured when a speeding, not included above. Also the FOCUS reported in its latest issue No. 18 of May 3, 2010, under the title flashes illegally”extensively. New court judgments make motorists courage.

“” District Court judge declared that the each record a traffic participant “an interference with the right to Informational self-determination” was. The Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe lifted court judgments on the grounds, it is arbitrary, because constituted an interference with the privacy of the recorded video. Even though there are still differences in interpretation among lawyers, seems to himself but largely agree be that a suspicion is required before photos and videos are made. However, no machine can have a suspicion, which automatically created videos and photos from fixed or mobile facility out of the race. Only measurements that would deliberately raised by policemen would be allowed. The explosive nature of this issue is underlined because even the ADAC has switched on and calls for a clarification of the legal basis.

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