The main difficulty faced by the buyer of a split system – problem of the proper installation. Installation 90% determine the quality and durability of the air conditioner. If the installation errors, fix them and then very slozhno.Montazh be carried out by experts who are licensed to install air conditioners in compliance with the instructions and using special equipment. After installation, the room must be left no debris, no dust, no boxes. Word "Conditioner" caught on only in our country.

This is actually a piece of the phrase air-condition, which translated to English means "state of the air." Air conditioning serves to maintain the desired temperature and humidity. Ventilating air conditioner cleans it, letting air flow through special filters. Today we will talk about installing a more modern type of air conditioning system – a split-system. What is advantages of a split system to "normal" air-conditioned? Split-system does not block natural light, as "okonnik", which crashed into the window frame. This is the first difference. In addition, it does not depend on the total system air-conditioning at home, if available (this is when a huge block is somewhere in the basement air and chasing around the house). And different from "conventional" air conditioner that is made up of two units – the external and internal. If more than two blocks inland, then it is called "Multi-System." Let us agree on: for the sake of simplicity I will talk about a split-system, calling it more familiar to our ears the word "Air conditioning".