During many years of mankind often like to play board games, backgammon is the oldest, checkers, chess, and came to our 20th century. But with the advent inavatsionnyh inventions of the 20th century, there was a whole production as desktop and video games and java games. Game began to change and took a huge variety of generations. So go through the chronology of past days. At the beginning of this century there was the famous Monopoly, 1957 was marked by the release of World desktop strategy called risk, but the games that you can understand byldo the first time to play, which had no more than 2 hours was invented in the 70s or 80s the Germans. At this time appeared the first RPG to play in that were not very easy, and it is not clear without expensive training books. The new epic in the development of toys came with the emergence of personal computers. There were thousands of video games that resemble ordinary nastolki.

But in our time, even video games for example such as Civilization, Age of Empires, Warcraft, StarCraft has its desktop counterparts. With regard to our country x, then the game I was the first at the finish, nor who did not want to play them. But in the early 90s, the countries of eastern Europe and Russia deluged gourmet market, and we at one moment there were tens of desktop and video games. And those board games that required knowledge of English, and have remained untapped. Representatives of the video industry is constantly looking for new solutions to always be first all the more closer to the realities of life. Game manufacturers could always use the latest technology for the realization of their ideas. With regard to the above nastolok for quarter of a century is not even changed. Well if you do not take any mechanical or whether the ideas in principle not so hard to create. Generally difficult to do something new, if you give only cardboard and plastic. After the above it can be think that computer Action Games, Racing, RPG, Simulation, and quests are absolutely embossed board games, but it was not there! This is actually two different types of games that are very different from each other and do not compare them, in this it makes no sense.