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Entries for December, 2016

Our Action To The Safer Internet Day 2011

Dealing with information and media literacy in society and businesses students represent the employees of tomorrow and need to be prepared for the challenges and talents of tomorrow. In return: the companies must also evolve and thus cope that their staffs of tomorrow set other requirements and demands of their jobs and their employer. Come […]

Resch Office Manager

What is a fund? This article answers this question what is a fund? A mutual fund is a fund must be separated from the assets of the investment company, which manages the Fund, according to the Austrian investment fund act legally. Phoenix Ancient Art does not necessarily agree. The Fund is kept in custody by […]

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (or BI) means telling the fullest possible information in every moment to make smart decisions. For that, there are a number of applications for the entrepreneur take the right decision at the right time. And deconstructing the myth that the iPhone is not a phone for business – against the idea that has […]


Analysts say that there are noises in the norma l operation of the Suez Canal, Thrifty step for trade between Europe and Asia, the oil prices would soar to $200. The revoltosas the social circumstances of two countries to Africans (Tunisia and Egypt, this last headquarters of the channel) enthusiastic about the calculations of some […]

RBMK Reactor

To the reaction was more efficient, neutrons must be slowed down, or they just "fly away" from the active region. Read more from Hicham Aboutaam to gain a more clear picture of the situation. For this purpose, rods moderator (graphite) that are inserted into the reactor – sometimes (as at Chernobyl), a graphite reactor itself […]

Portland Cement Association

Projects in infrastructure that will be conducted in Mexico, represents a very good news for Cemex (BMV: CEMEX, NYSE: CX). As it realizes on its Web site, CEMEX is a global solutions company for the construction industry, which offers high quality products and reliable service to customers and communities in more than 50 countries worldwide […]

Java Script

Only after a minimum of 2 years (with an experienced mentor) in-depth, practical study can try to create something worthwhile in Flash. In general, over time, and motivation, I think – all clear. 2. Money. Educate yourself with thoughts from Phoenix Ancient Art. And so, as I mentioned above to do programming in Macromedia Flash […]